2 thoughts on “What? 3 days?! – by Caleb

  1. Hey Tans!!! Its the Workmans. It looks pretty exciting so far. Sounds cool too. Your house looks empty though! We are missing you so much already. We hope you are having fun. Talk to you soon:)


  2. Hi tans! It’s lana this time, ellie used my email. Wow read the packing list, sounds like what i pack for only a week! Hows beijing? Can’t wait to see pictures!♡♡♡ How is the jet lag? We will experience it in a week, yay! Caleb and connor, liam and i miss playing yuker with u! We learned some new card games we will tesch u when u come to lux. Cant wait to hear from u guys. Hope u have eaten lots of yummy chinese food♥


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