What Did the Kids Do While We Were Packing? – by Barb

So for the past month or so (since school finished) Clay and I have been spending most of our time getting ready for the trip (when we were not kicked out of our house so it could be shown). While we tried to include the boys in the packing and prepping as much as possible, thboys on lawn2e reality was that a lot of it had to be done by us. This meant they had to find things to do on their own – which required lots of imagination since the house had been emptied of  toys and each day the furniture was being pulled away from under them! I was really impressed with how well they handled the whole situation. Yes, there were some days when I had to offer some suggestions and come up with plans to help keep them busy but a lot of the time they came up with their own ideas. Here you see them spending several hours under the tree using an overturned bucket as a table on which they played cards.

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