Thailand (Chiang Mai): Our Two Month Anniversary & A Visit to the Dentist – by Barb

After three days, two nights in the jungle we returned to Awana Guest House in Chiang Mai for the second time. They greeted us like family! By this point we have been traveling for two months and I think we’re starting to settle into more of a routine. I am big on routine because without it I feel that we too easily stray from our goals. I will write more that later!

Following a quick bite to eat, it was off to the dentist. When you are traveling for a year it is different from just going somewhere for a short vacation.We must take into account all of the not-so-exciting things which need to be done as well: haircuts, dentist visits, laundry, school work, grocery shopping, etc. Of course, some of these are a bit more of an adventure when you’re trying to accomplish them in an unfamiliar place! IMG_0192

I had read that the quality of dentists was excellent in Thailand (Chiang Mai) and that they are very reasonably priced, so we thought it was best to get a cleaning done while we were here.

The boys were a bit apprehensive, but then again they are when we’re going to the dentist at home as well! Caleb’s biggest fear was that the dentist would find a cavity and suddenly pull out a big needle to work on it! I assured him that we were only getting a cleaning this visit (and prayed that the dentist didn’t find anything major!).

Caleb went in first (I thought this was best since he gets the most nervous!) and sat in the chair. I went in with him to help keep him calm and to check and see what the dentist was doing. The room was spotlessly clean and was quite similar to what we would experience at home. The dentist did the cleaning himself, while his assistant just handed him tools as he needed them.

Fortunately none of us seemed to have any cavities and within a couple of hours we were on our way again. One dentist visit accomplished!

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