Alleppey, India: Relaxing! – by Connor

A few days after arriving n Kerala, we went to the main canal in Alleppey. We found many boats that would take you for a ride through the backwaters, but none of them sold a good deal. Finally, we found an old man and he had the best deal. The next day we came back to his boat and went through all of the small canals. We went under bridges that none of the other bigger boats could go through. All we had to do was relax and enjoy the scenery.


When we got back it was an hour later than we had expected, because our boat was the tiniest bit too big to fit under one of the bridges. We had even tried all of us moving to the very front tip of the boat and pushing under the bridge to get it to fit, but no luck! We ended up having to take a different route that our driver said would take a little bit longer. We got out of the boat and the man asked for more money. All we could do was walk away because we had none. The experience was very good but don’t go if your children are under six years old.

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