Cairo, Egypt: The Pyramids – by Connor

We flew into Egypt and stayed at the Movenpick. (My mom found an amazing deal online!) The next day we went to see the pyramids. We drove for an hour and a half and then I saw the red pyramid in the distance. It was giant. When I looked further in the distance I saw the bent pyramid. We drove past the red pyramid to the bent. We got out and our guide, Sue, said that we could climb up a little ways. Caleb and I climbed as high as possible.



We took a few photos and climbed down. We returned to the red pyramid and we were able to go inside it.



We went in a little tunnel and climbed down a ramp for about 10 minutes. It was hot and it was quite steep. We found a flat part where we could stand up. We walked a little farther and then saw the place where the pharaoh would lay.

                                          DSCF2568 DSCF2566

After leaving the red pyramid we went to see the other pyramids in Giza. We drove to a spot where the camels were kept. We got some photos and then got to choose our camels.

DSCF2627 DSCF2640 DSCF2662 DSCF2622

When I got on the camel it was very calm and well behaved. It sat on its hind legs and its chest was perched on its front legs.


The man tugged on the rope that was attached to its head. My feet suddenly rose from the ground and I was riding a camel for the first time!


The camel bobbed up and down as he walked. My mom had said that riding a camel would be uncomfortable, but now I was sitting on one and it wasn’t too bad! The camel trotted along and then we stopped. The man said that he would take a photo for us so we gave him our camera and he got a few photos.

DSCF2637 DSCF2640 DSCF2631 DSCF2662

He passed the camera back and we started on our way again. We returned the same way we had come. We went up the same hill that we went down. You had to get off the camel the same way you got on except backwards. The whole experience was different than I thought it would be, but it was fun.

After the camels, we went to see the Sphynx.


DSCF2693 DSCF2689 DSCF2674

We also got to see the mummy chamber, where they made the pharaoh into a mummy.

DSCF2686I will never forget my first camel ride and visiting the pyramids!


3 thoughts on “Cairo, Egypt: The Pyramids – by Connor

  1. Hi Caleb: You gave an excellent feel of riding a camel. I have heard that they spit and bite if your not careful. Did you have any problems?


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