Nairobi, Kenya: Meeting Giraffes and a Couple Other Surprises – by Caleb

We’re finally in Kenya! Another one of the places I’ve been really excited to see. I’m excited because I’m really looking forward to interacting with the wildlife.

Well, my wish came true! We went to see the giraffe centre a few days after arriving in Kenya, which was quite interesting and informative. When we entered, we had to wash our hands; then we grabbed a handful of pellets and went up onto a platform. From there, we were able to feed the giraffes the pellets, semi-safely. I say “semi-safely” because there was a sign saying, “beware of head butts”. I did have a giraffe take a swing at me but I was able to duck before ending up lifeless on the floor.





In beside the giraffes were several warthogs. We learned that the warthogs have very poor eyesight so they stay close to the giraffes so they will know if there are predators coming their way. The giraffes don’t seem to mind them tagging along.


Later, we went to a presentation about the giraffes and learned a lot. On the way out of the centre we spotted a few giant tortoises. A pair of them happened to be making love right there in front of all of the other tortoises (and the visitors). They weren’t too shy about it! You can see them in the photo below.


Overall, I had an awesome time and I’m sure everyone else did too.

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