Paris, France: A Few Pics – by Clay

Well, our week in Paris has been a whirlwind – quite different from the slightly less hectic schedule we had in Italy. There ís so much to see here as a tourist and our stay is so brief that enculturation was very difficult.

Tomorrow we leave Paris by bus for Brussels, Belgium despite the ISIS turmoil that happened there this past week. The airport and metro stations were closed but are scheduled to open again tomorrow. Security is heightened so we figure that it would be alright for us to proceed with our itinerary.

Anyway, attached are a few shots of us out and about Paris

The Eiffel tower is lit is red, yellow, and black in solidarity with Belgium.


Here we are in front of the Louvre. Caleb has been looking forward to this for months! We managed to find an apartment right close so we could make multiple visits. (See Caleb’s blog for more info.)

We had to line up to get into the Notra Dame Cathedral. Security was heightened, as you can imagine.


A great park in Paris – Luxembourg Park. The boys loved it!

lux gardens 093

We decided to take the ride to the top of the Eiffel Tower at night. Beautiful view. Still crowded despite the late hour!

Spent a full day at the Science Centre. Fortunately most exhibits were in both French and English.


Loved Musée D’Orsay. A little easier to navigate than the Louvre!

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