Zermatt, Switzerland: Skiing in the Swiss Alps – by Connor

We took a cable car from the town of Zermatt up to the first station, partway up the mountain. Then we walked to a second cable car at a station.


We got off. I could see nothing but white fluffy snow covering the mountains around us. Feeling both nervous but excited about the fun we were going to have, I started to ski down the small hill toward the t-bar. Once in front of the T lift, I clutched onto the handle and leaned back. It was very windy so I pushed against my ears to keep them warm. It was a long ride. 20 minutes maybe. Up down up down. Not so relaxing when you have to lean back and bend your knees and keep your skies parallel to each other and keep your head straight and not hit the person beside you.


When we eventually got to the top, we had a long way to go. And I was not ready to ski 200 meters. I didn’t even go 20 meters yet. But we were already up there and the only way to get down is if you ski. It wasn’t too bad until we reached the part where we had to cross the T lift. I was worried I might get hit by someone But it turned out it wasn’t too bad either so I skied all the way until it looked like a drop in the ski run. My dad was the first one down the steep hill.  We followed him.


I took it nice and slow then began to get used to it being steep and all. We got to the bottom then sat and ate our lunch.


It was a great day. I didn’t want it to stop. In the end everybody was laying down in the snow but me. I was still ready to do 20 more km of skiing!

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