London, England: An Unplanned Side Trip! – by Barb

We had planned to stay in Luxembourg to celebrate my sister’s 50th birthday. When we arrived, however, we learned that she had booked a trip to London, England for the weekend of her birthday. We somehow got our communication mixed up and she thought we would be flying off to South America before her special day. So, we decided the best thing to do was to join them in London! Part of the reason we had not planned to go there was because it can be so expensive. However, we found incredibly cheap flights since we were able to fly midweek and thanks to good ol’ airbnb we managed to find an apartment not too far from them in central London. We ended up staying 5 nights in London, celebrated my sister’s 50th with her and her family, and managed to see 2 shows (Phantom & Comedy About a Bank Robber), along with a few other sites. It was a great side trip!

At the Science Centre

Around the City



Happy 50th Kim!

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Touring the Globe Theatre

At the British Museum

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