China (Xi’an): Tales of our Xi’an Accommodation Continued – by Clay

Well, we’ve gone to see the Terra Cotta Warriors, the tomb of an Emperor (which was basically a very large man-made hill) and biked along the top of the original city walls in Xi’an. All wonderful experiences but housing still seems to be the bane of our existence. We’ve been locked out of our apartment twice now (the number code on the door just didn’t seem to work) and a leak has developed over the bed in the master bedroom. We moved the bed to one side so then it only dripped on me instead of both of us. Then we dragged the mattress to the floor on the other side of the room, stuck a garbage can under the drip and phoned the guys who rented us the place figuring they’d want to know. Well they dropped by around 10:30 at night after we were already in bed to look at the dripping. “I think it stopped” they both said. “No, actually, it’s just slowed down but it’s still dripping” we said. They said they’d go talk to the tenant in the unit above us and see if anything could be done. They came back half an hour later and reported that there was no water on the floor upstairs. Great, but that doesn’t solve the leaking onto the bed down here. We said we’d deal with it and kept the garbage can under there. I hope they offer us some sort of rebate on the accommodation but I’m not holding my breath. That doesn’t seem to be the custom around here. We leave for Guilin tomorrow morning and I’m sure I’ll have more travel stories!

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