China (Xi’an): Connor’s Birthday in China – by Connor

It was finally my birthday and I couldn’t wait to see the Terracotta Warriors. The bus picked us up and we drove for 2 hours to get to the Terracotta Warriors. We stopped at huge rock saying, “The Emperor’s tomb is that big hill over there”. The guide showed us which hill to look at and told us that it was manmade and you could take some pictures. We got on the bus again and traveled back to the Terracotta area. Caleb and I had to go with the guide to get special entrance tickets and she took us somewhere and told us to sit on a bench and wait. She came back to get us and finally we met up with our parents again.

When we got to the Terracotta Warriors there were 3 pits that you could visit. We started in pit number 2 which showed you 5 warriors that they had pieced together. In pit 3, there were about 36 warriors. They were all commanders and officials. We went to pit 1. It was a huge dome with 2,000 warriors pieced together. It was very interesting, and they say that workers from Germany and some from China come to work on the Terracotta army every night. They think it will take 40 years to finish pit number 2 and 60 years to finish pit number 1.DSCF9025IMGP0517

When we got home I decided I wanted to play cards and watch a movie for my birthday. We watched Ice Age 4 but then it was too late to play cards so we decided my birthday would have to continue until the next day! (It was still my birthday in Canada until 12:00 p.m. the next day!)

One of my favourite activities is biking, so the next day we went to the Xi’an city wall and rented bikes. You can bike all the way around the city on the wall, which is about 14 km – which I could do! The bikes took a little getting used to because you couldn’t adjust the seats. They were quite tall and Caleb tried to use it but almost hurt himself so he decided to ride on the tandem with Daddy. I tried and managed to get up so mommy and I rode the single bikes.DSCF9071 DSCF9069

When we got back we went to a special café near our apartment and had waffles. I ordered a waffle which was about the size of a dinner plate! The food was really good and you got whipped cream and syrup with it. I ate it all! After that we went to our apartment and played cards.

I would love to have my birthday in China again!

8 thoughts on “China (Xi’an): Connor’s Birthday in China – by Connor

  1. Happy Birthday Conner!!! That sounds like an awesome way to spend your birthday. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I am really enjoying reading about your trip.


  2. Connor what a trooper you are on a bike. You and Mom have been doing alot of biking even through the muck. What a birthday to remember. Happy Late Birthday Connor.


  3. Your birthday sounded great Connor. Extra time as well due to the different time in Canada. What sort of cards did you play?
    What is your age now?


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