China (Yongshuo): Biking Around – by Connor

A few days after we got to the hostel in Youngshuo my mom and I decided to go on a bike ride. We followed the paved road for a while but then we thought we’d go off-road on this dirt path we saw on our map. The path was very rough and had sharp rocks jutting out all over the place. To make things even more difficult the path was also quite hilly. As we travelled along the path we saw dark clouds move in and the rain began to pour down on us. We didn’t mind getting wet because it was 35C and the rain helped to cool us off but all that water made the path muddy and very slippery. At points we had to push our bikes downhill due to the mud. What should have taken us an hour to complete actually took three hours due to the rain. We were exhausted when we finally returned to the hostel. I had to take a shower afterwards!DSCF9090

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