Thailand (Chiang Mai): A Thai Massage! – by All of Us!

You can’t visit Thailand without having a massage! There are massage parlours every 20 meters, on every street imaginable – kind of like Tim Horton’s back home. Connor was particularly excited because he lThailand_Koh_Mak_Ao_Khao_Beach_sign_massage_3339_1oves massage. They begin by scrubbing your feet in lime water. Then you are led to a pallet where they twist and bend your body in unnatural positions. Barb, Caleb, and Connor had Back, Neck, and Head massages and Clay had the traditional Thai massage. The experience was not what Caleb was expecting. He thought it would be gentle and soothing but he felt like a piece of pretzel dough being pounded. Connor, on the other hand, actually fell asleep at points because he found it so relaxing. They also had an à la carte menu of services so you could choose what kind of massage you wanted.


Another neat experience that the boys tried was the Fish Spa. You put your feet in a tank full of little fish and they come up and suck the dead skin off of your feet. It was a good thing no one else was there when we went because the boys couldn’t stop giggling! They thought it felt so funny to have the feet nibbling at your toes!


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