Thailand (Chiang Mai): Tales from Thailand – by Barb

We arrived in Chiang Mai on a Saturday, which is the day of the Saturday Night Market. We enjoyed wandering through the market and sampling various treats: mango with coconut sticky rice, chicken satay, fruit shakes, waffles. Eating at the night market is fun and very cheap! IMG_0214
On Sunday there was another night market even closer to our Guest House so we got to sample even more yummy food, and re-sample the things we had enjoyed most from the day before!
Caleb was really interested in the artisans at the market and wanted to purchase something that would: a) support a local artist, and b) be a nice souvenir to take home. He ended up deciding on an abstract painting of elephants. 
We also visited the Museum of Arts and Culture, which taught us about the history of Chiang Mai. It was very well done AND had air conditioning, so we were able to spend a few hours there. There was a video that gave you a brief overview of Chiang Mai’s history and on the second floor there were full scale dioramas of villages set up. 

2 thoughts on “Thailand (Chiang Mai): Tales from Thailand – by Barb

  1. The food sounds delicious and how wonderful to sample it at the night markets. The museum sounds amazing! Love the full scale dioramas. Is the artwork being shipped home or are you buying more bags as you go?


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