Coolangatta, Australia: Riding the Waves – by Connor

The sand squeaked under our feet as we walked along the beach, back to our camper van to retrieve our boogie boards. We quickly changed into our swimsuits, grabbed our boards, and jumped into the ocean. The water felt even warmer than the air and the waves curled up to my chest. I walked out further DSCF1178from the shore, going deeper and deeper, until I reached a sandbar where the water only went up to my knees. Past the sandbar I went, out into the humungous waves. Two big waves were coming toward me, one right after the other. I lay across the boogie board on my stomach and my dad gave me a big shove. I kicked my legs. One wave crashed, going on ahead of me. The other wave crashed and pushed me into the first wave! Then a third wave came, pushing me further ahead, then a forth….until I was pushed all the way back to the shore!



The whole day was great fun. I did get a little cold because after a while the sun started to go down and the air cooled off. Australia and its beaches feel like freedom! I love being in the water and I especially love the crashing of the waves.

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