Chennai, India: Dizzee World! – by Connor

After staying in Chennai, India for a few nights, we asked our driver to bring us to an amusement park called Dizzee World. We arrived and nobody was there. The first ride we went on was a bench that swung back and forth. My mom and I sat on it while we looked at the map! We decided that we would go through a maze to start. We entered it and there were mirrors everywhere. They gave us plastic gloves to feel around the area. It was not dark, but it was not very light either. We felt around and found a door. We thought it was the end until we went inside and saw nothing but a never ending room. We discovered that there was a door in the middle of the room. We opened it and saw a thing called the vortex. The vortex is basically a very large tube that spins and makes you dizzy. We got out of the maze and went to have lunch.


After that, we went to a ride called the mini roller coaster. I was a little hesitant because I had a fear of roller coasters. We went up to the cars and Caleb and I climbed in the front seat. The first two drops kind of freaked me out and then it calmed down but we went around two more times. I started to get used to it and found it really fun!

After the roller coaster, we went to the bumper cars. We were supposed to have a minute or two on the cars but the person who ran the bumper cars decided to jump into one himself! After what seemed like twenty minutes of driving we were pretty sweaty!

There was a water park so we went to cool down in it. There were five slides open and the steepest one was in the middle of a blue slide and a yellow slide. The colour of this slide was red. There were two longer slides off to the side. I went down all of the slides, but I was hesitant for the red one.


Over all, Dizzee World was very fun and I would go there again. It was quiet and had lots of rides to choose from and they even let us go a second time even if we weren’t supposed to. Dizzee World was fun but rather unsafe as well. Why was it so unsafe? Who knows!

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