Galapagos, Ecuador: Another and Another – by Connor

Waves could be seen from pretty much anywhere if you were standing in the right spot – some big, some small, and some in-between. Big waves were right in our faces and they would flood everything in their path. We were at Tortuga Bay. Tortuga means turtle but it’s ironic because we didn’t see any of them here. The waves, however, were at least 10 feet high. Caleb and I sat on the sand closest to the waves. We went up and down with the waves as the tide got higher and higher. A two-foot wave crashed into us and soaked the entire shore. Caleb jumped up and started sprinting to shore. I was sitting down and then looked over my shoulder. A wave, so big it looked as tall as me standing, was heading my way. I was not sitting anymore, I was sprinting for my life and the wave was right on my tail. I could feel its cool water on my heels. I ran as fast as I could to where our belongings lay. The wave was so powerful we had to pick up everything or else it would have pulled our stuff into the ocean. The lifeguard said that the tide was coming in too quickly so we had to leave and go home. Tortuga Bay was a blast for me and I would definitely go again, but if you don’t like swimming in big waves, I suggest you go to a different beach.

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