Galapagos, Ecuador: Las Grietas – by Caleb

Today we visited Las Grietas. Las Grietas is a small grotto that is full of water so clear you could see every single fish swimming around in it. We brought snorkels so we could see everything. There was also a dock raised up about five feet above the water that you could jump off of.  DSCF5059

There was an extremely large assortment of fish in Las Grietas. Some were a bland grey, others were a very vibrant blue. Since we had gone snorkeling in Australia, we knew how to snorkel, so we were able to see many of these fish up close since we knew how to dive underwater. My favourite fish was a fairly large one that was black with white zigzag stripes and a bright blue ring around its eye. That fish was the most colourful of them all. 

 Once you swam through part of the grotto, you reached a pile of rocks that you could climb over to get to a tiny pool, and then you had to climb over another pile of rocks to reach another long grotto that went on for quite a ways. We only snorkeled in the second grotto for a short distance, because there was no resting point, meaning we had to tread water for about 40 minutes. Connor and I were also freezing to death. The water was ice cold. We snorkeled there for about an hour before climbing out of the water and drying off.


I would recommend this grotto for people new to snorkeling, because there are no currents, barely any people (if you go early and leave before four o’clock), and the water is so clear you can see everything. The only downside is that the water is freezing, but other than that, this place was great. 

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